What do you need to Nest at Home?

Either your home is immaculate, purged of clutter and germ-free by now or it is a chaotic mess.  However you like to nest at home –  here are some ideas to get you relaxed and cozy and in the mood to indulge in kicking back in style.

Missing your Starbuck runs before work or school?


Create your own café with your favorite teas and coffee and bring the café to your kitchen counter. If you don’t have an espresso or coffee maker yet, now is the perfect time to indulge in this little luxury.  


Purchase candles and hand soaps in lovely scents that will lift your mood and keep your home smelling lovely and your hands clean.  


Now that you are nesting at home you can take your skin care to the next level. You can wear a face mask while you are at your desk!   Imagine the possibilities! 


No need to keep it basic when you are staying home…now is the perfect time to try new looks with your makeup.  You might be wearing pajama pants, and you can still wear glitter on your eyelids if you are feeling it.  


Eliminate the clutter and make your bed with fresh sheets and pillows and soft, inviting bedding. Surround yourself in softness.  Keep your bedroom an inviting and relaxing room even if the kids make it impossible to keep the rest of the house this clean.


Now is the time to flex your cooking and baking skills. There are multitudes of recipes available online. Who doesn’t like the scent of cookies in the oven or freshly baked bread?  


Gyms are closed, but do not let your exercise shut down too.  Try incorporating inflatable exercise balls, home weights and kettle balls as well as yoga and pilates moves in your family room.  Jumping jacks in the family room and a walk around the neighborhood for fresh air and sunshine.  Don’t forget to stretch and drink plenty of water.  Keep moving and keep dancing and share your results on your social media. You can find many free online workouts shared on social media.

At Adrenaline Monkey, we have created a private social group on Facebook for you to join and share your progress at home. We recognize a sense of community is important to our well-being.  Also follow us on Tik Tok and share your Tik Toks with our community.

Adrenaline Monkey is looking forward to welcoming back our radiant guests.   Active play is naturally meditative as it thrusts us into the current moment.  We hope you can keep up your active play at home until you can see us again.  Share with us on social media how you keep up your active play at home.  

Adrenaline Monkey is located at 26800 Renaissance Parkway in Cleveland, Ohio. Contact Adrenaline Monkey at info@AdrenalineMonkey.com or (216) 282-3100.  

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