area qualifier

September 15th, 2019
8 am - 6 pm

Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA) promotes and organizes nationwide ninja obstacle course competitions at ninja obstacle course gyms across the country. There are Area Qualifiers, Regional Qualifiers and an Ultimate Ninja Championship Final with large cash payouts. Our September 15th competition is an Area Qualifier. The top half of the participants in each age group will qualify to compete at Regionals. 

Practice Sessions: September 13th & 14th from 8-10 pm


Early Bird Registration: $45 (Individual) $70 (Teams)
After Labor Day: $55 (Individual) $80 (Teams)
(Members get 10% OFF)

Each participant will receive one free spectator pass.
Additional spectators are $10 each.


September 13th & 14th:

8-10 pm: Obstacle course open play for all participants

Sunday, September 15th (All Ages):

8 am: 9U Registration
8:30 am: 9U Course Walkthrough
9 am: 9U Compete

10 am: 11U Registration
10:30 am: 11U Course Walkthrough
11 am: 11U Compete

12 pm: Teams Registration
12:30 pm: Teams Walkthrough & Speed Walls Mini Competition
1 pm: Teams Compete & Basketball Mini Competition

1:45 pm: 13U and 15U Registration
2:15 pm: 13U and 15U Course Walkthrough
2:45 pm: 13U and 15U Compete

3:15 pm: Dead Hang Mini Competition
3:45 pm: Peg Board Mini Competition

4 pm: Adult (16+) Registration
4:30 pm: Adult Course Walkthrough
5 pm: Adults Compete

Frequently Asked Questions

UNAA rules.

Yes there are. Each obstacle is now worth two points. One point can be received for achieving a halfway point of an obstacle. Please note that this 2-point system replaces the former rule allowing for a redo. Please see below questions regarding teams and when your run ends on other new rules.

Yes. You just need to sign up for, and pay for, each.

Teams are tag team throughout the course. Two per team. Tag must be a clear tag hand to hand. Team may choose which obstacles on the course to do and where to tag. Minimum 3 obstacles per person. There are 3 types of teams: 1. Age 13 and under – any gender, no pros, 2. Amateur Team – any age, any gender, no pros, 3. Pro – any age, any gender.

The top half of each age and gender class advances to Regionals.

Yes, if you bring your own or you can purchase liquid chalk for $10 at our front desk. 

Once everyone is registered and entered into the Ninja Master application, we create a list that is randomly generated by the application.

NO! Anyone who goes on the course prior to their run will be disqualified and receive no refund.

They are not affiliated with UNAA. They are sponsored by Adrenaline Monkey to give our participants (and spectators) more exciting competitions to thank them for making the trip to Adrenaline Monkey.

No, your run continues until you finish all obstacles or any time limitation expires. After you fail 3 times, your time will end and you will stop collecting points.

No, they do not. Competitors have access to everything. Spectators are entitled to mini competitions. If spectators would like access to the aerial ropes course, there will be an additional charge of $15.


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Adults Only from 8-10PM

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Women Only from 8-10PM

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