Tips for Planning the Perfect Event

Everyone wants their event to run smoothly, and proper planning in advance is paramount to

its success. Popular speakers are booked up well in advance, guests have packed schedules and

party and banquet rooms are often booked out a year or more, so the first tip for planning the

perfect event is:

PLAN YOUR EVENT EARLY so that you have more options available to you. Try to avoid dates

around holidays because venues are typically booked during these times and people have more

social obligations and time conflicts. Try to plan your event at least 4-6 months in advance, so

that you can be more flexible.

The next tip is to give yourself the time to brainstorm either by yourself or with your team


OBJECTIVES AND GOALS FOR THE EVENT to clarify the purpose of your event and what you

want to achieve from it. Having this information before you begin arranging the event will

determine what you need to do to achieve your goal. How are you going to BRAND your event?

Brainstorm logo ideas and promotional gifts for the event. Brainstorm who could be possible

sponsors. Discuss what type of advertising and brochures and technology will be needed for

your event.

The next tip: Save yourself time and stress by designating a team or hiring professionals:

DESIGNATE A TEAM if possible or HIRE A PARTY PLANNER to help you achieve your goal for

your event. Designating at least one person to help take the work load off you is invaluable as

you will need to arrange accommodations, possibly sponsors, food and entertainment for your

event. Having at least one person in charge of each of these areas would be ideal.

If you lack a team and event planning experience, another option is to bring your objectives,

goals, and ideas to a party planner to manage your event for you. Hiring a company to help you

plan and host your event can help reduce stress and enable you to enjoy it more.

This month, Adrenaline Monkey is hosting a PARTY SHOWCASE on January 22nd from 5–8 pm

where you can learn what our indoor adventure center has to offer for parties and events!

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