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Whether you’re already an experienced athlete or just starting a fitness program, Adrenaline Monkey has classes designed for all fitness levels. Our classes range from the familiar to the exotic with everything in between. The only prerequisite is a curious spirit and an ounce of adventure.

Group fitness classes are $12 per class or FREE to Warrior Fitness and Adrenaline Rush Members

$12 per class
FREE to fitness & adrenaline rush members

Adult fitness Classes:

manic monkey bootcamp

Class Days: Monday
Time: 6PM – 6:50PM
Instructor: Andy Isaacs

This hardcore plyometric class will teach you the skills necessary to conquer any obstacle. The structure will vary between a group fitness class and actual course instruction. We’ll use med balls, weights, BOSUs and more to help you master any obstacle that comes your way! The class will be challenging but all fitness levels are welcome.

ninja boot


Class Days: Tuesday | Thursday
Time: 9AM – 10AM
Instructor: Sandy Conochan

Ninja Boot Camp is not your everyday boot camp class! Sandy will get your day started off right with this high-intensity workout that will focus on building strength and muscular endurance while improving your cardiovascular capacity. We will utilize a wide variety of equipment (including kettlebells, battle ropes, TRX, resistance bands, medicine balls, etc.) and we will also spend time on the ninja courses! This type of class allows us to implement a large variety of movements into our workouts, resulting in a full body challenge, without the boredom that comes with performing repetitive exercises. H.I.I.T., Tabata, and Circuits are just a few formats that we will explore. Every exercise is modifiable so all fitness levels are welcome.

children's fitness Classes:

Future Athletes

Days: Mondays
Time: 6:00PM – 7:00PM
Instructor: Mark Hawald

Ages: 5+

This class is intended to develop athleticism in young children that will lead to future success in any sport. Speed and agility, body awareness, the ability to lead and work as team, as well as elements of strength and toughness will be emphasized in this class. Open to ages 5 and up.

Cost: $10 Drop-In (per class)

fitness classes calendar

**Classes are subject to change based on demand**

Adrenaline Monkey Instructors

Andy Isaacs

Andy is an A.C.E certified Personal Trainer with 12 years of experience in individual, small group, and class instruction. His high-energy personality and motivating style are infectious with everyone he comes in contact with. Andy’s entry into the world of obstacle course racing started with his first Tough Mudder is 2012. Since then, he and the Kardiac Kids have participated in numerous Tough Mudders and other OCRs. He is an avid weight lifter, has run 12 marathons and plays in several rec sports leagues. Andy is a firm believer in practicing what he preaches and will never turn down a challenge!

Sandy Conochan

Sandy is a certified Personal Trainer and holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Athletic Training and Exercise Science. She also works part time as a Physical Therapist Assistant.  She was a competitive gymnast for 12 years and coached both recreational and competitive teams for 5 years. Her current obsession is obstacle course racing and similar competitions both local and nationwide. Sandy loves to run, rock climb, bike, and lift.

mark hawald

Mark is a certified strength and conditioning specialist through the NSCA. He is the current head wrestling coach at John Carroll University and has achieved several honors in coaching including NCAA Division III National Coach of the Year. As an athlete, he was an NCAA Division III All-American wrestler. He plans to use his coaching and competitive philosophy to train the next generation of athletes.


ultimate adventure



  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday-Thursday: 3:30PM - 8PM
  • Friday: 3:30PM - 10PM
  • Saturday: 10AM - 10PM
  • Sunday: 10AM - 7PM
  • Monday: 2:30PM - 9PM
  • Tuesday: 2:30PM - 8PM
    Adults only from 8-10PM
  • Wednesday: 2:30PM - 8PM
    Women only from 8-10PM
  • Thursday: 2:30PM - 9PM
  • Friday: 2:30PM - 10PM
  • Saturday: 10AM - 10PM
  • Sunday: 10AM - 8PM

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Monday: 2:30PM – 9PM
Tuesday: 2:30PM – 8PM,
Adults Only from 8-10PM

Wednesday: 2:30PM – 8PM,

Women Only from 8-10PM

Thursday: 2:30PM – 9PM

2:30PM – 10PM

10AM – 10PM

10AM – 8PM

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