february 15th & 16th, 2020

FINA has arrived! The first and only duel course Ninja Warrior Series! FINA is carefully crafted to bring your sport back to its roots…athlete vs. the course! All FINA events will present athletes with the chance to compete in a course designed for speed, a course designed for endurance, or both.

ADULTS: Saturday, February 15th
5:00 pm: Speed & Endurance Check-in (Ages 16+)
KIDS: Sunday, February 16th
8:00 am: Speed Check-In (Ages 6-8, 9-10)
8:30 am: Speed Check-In (Ages 11-12, 13-15)
10:00 am: Endurance Check-In (Ages 6-8, 9-10)
10:30 am: Endurance Check-in (Ages 11-12, 13-15)

All competitors must be registered FINA Members prior to competing!


Both FINA Speed and FINA Endurance athletes will be permitted to compete in the following age groupings:


Years Old


Years Old


Years Old


Years Old


16-40 Years Old


40+ Years Old

Athletes can elect to compete in the age group of which their age falls on July 1, 2019 of the year of the start of the season. Additionally, an athlete can choose to compete up one age grouping. An athlete can petition to the FINA board to compete in a grouping that exceeds one age grouping up.
Masters athletes can choose to compete in either the Adult or the Masters division.
For all athletes, the age grouping for the entire season will be determined by the age grouping competed in during their first competition of the season.

Frequently Asked Questions

FINA is an exciting new ninja warrior league for all ages, debuting this year! The Inaugural event is November 2nd and 3rd at the Hybrid Ninja Academy in Lancaster, NY! 

Every FINA event is 2 within 1! Athletes can choose to race against the clock on a speed course, test their strength and stamina on an endurance course, or both! 

We are bringing your sport back to its roots… athlete vs. the course. Until the Round of Champions at World Finals, athletes will only compete against the course, not other athletes.

There are 2 ways to punch your ticket to the championship in mid-late June (Date and venue to be announced soon). 

For Speed Course Championship:

1-Clear any speed course in under the time limit.

2-Accumulate 21 points (Speed obstacle clears) throughout a season.

 For Endurance Course Championship:

1-Clear any endurance course in its entirety.

2-Accumulate 36 points (Endurance Obstacle clears) throughout a season.

The first round of World Championships is run similar to qualifying events. Two courses are set up, a speed course, and an endurance course. Athletes that successfully clear either course (Speed in under time limit, or endurance course in its entirety) advance to the Round of Champions, which is a single-elimination bracket event, where athletes will work their way through the field head-to-head against other athletes on a course specially designed to test a combination of both, their speed AND endurance. At events’ end, the speed champion, endurance champion, and overall FINA champion will be crowned!

Yes. You can bring your own or purchase it at our facility.

Once everyone is registered and entered into the Ninja Master application, we create a list that is randomly generated by the application.

NO! Anyone who goes on the course prior to their run will be disqualified and receive no refund.


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  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday-Thursday: 3:30PM - 8PM
  • Friday: 3:30PM - 10PM
  • Saturday: 10AM - 10PM
  • Sunday: 11AM - 7PM
  • Monday: 2:30PM - 9PM
  • Tuesday: 2:30PM - 8PM
    Adults only from 8-10PM
  • Wednesday: 2:30PM - 8PM
    Women only from 8-10PM
  • Thursday: 2:30PM - 9PM
  • Friday: 2:30PM - 10PM
  • Saturday: 10AM - 10PM
  • Sunday: 10AM - 8PM



Monday: 2:30PM – 9PM
Tuesday: 2:30PM – 8PM,
Adults Only from 8-10PM

Wednesday: 2:30PM – 8PM,

Women Only from 8-10PM

Thursday: 2:30PM – 9PM

2:30PM – 10PM

10AM – 10PM

10AM – 8PM

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