Month: April 2020

More Than a Dozen Local Gyms, Fitness & Family Entertainment Centers Collaborate To Help Each Other Reopen Safely

April 30, 2020 – On Sunday, April 26th, a total of 18 gyms, fitness centers, and family-focused entertainment centers from Cleveland’s east side united with a goal to brainstorm an action plan and best practices in order to meet the strict sanitation and social distancing protocols outlined by Governor DeWine for reopening Ohio.  While in […]


Staying Safe and Sane With Mindfulness and Meditation

Meditation has a variety of wonderful benefits that include:  REDUCING STRESS CONTROLLING ANXIETY PROMOTING EMOTIONAL HEALTH Taking time out of your day to find somewhere peaceful and quiet to meditate will help keep you more in touch with yourself and your emotions during these stressful and uncertain times.  It will help you to remember that you […]


What do you need to Nest at Home?

Either your home is immaculate, purged of clutter and germ-free by now or it is a chaotic mess.  However you like to nest at home –  here are some ideas to get you relaxed and cozy and in the mood to indulge in kicking back in style. Missing your Starbuck runs before work or school? […]


Unique Easter Baskets

Spring is the most wonderful time of year.  Colorful fruits and vegetables greet us while shopping for groceries.  Beautiful flowers blooming everywhere scent the air with their enticing fragrance. And lovely women pass by us in their bright tops and flowy dresses.  The gentle breeze caresses our skin as we step outside to get our […]


How To Use Your Social Distancing Time To Get To Know Yourself

Without the noise of the outer world we can use the quiet time to get to know our true selves… our authentic selves… the part of us that people really want to meet….  because when we are being authentic….  we have magnetism, allure, radiance… and when we truly know ourselves and accept all parts of […]

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