Month: April 2019

Adrenaline Monkey Hosts Its First UNAA Competition

(April 22, 2019) – Adrenaline Monkey, an indoor adventure and training center, is hosting its first UNAA “Last Chance” Qualifier competition on May 4th and 5th, 2019. Kids and adult athletes will be able to compete for a chance to take their skills to regionals. The Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA) promotes and organizes a […]


Keeping Teens Active And Off Their Phones

If you want to limit your teen’s screen time, pay attention to your own TV and cell phone habits.  Spend time listening to your teen about their day at school or practice. Plan activities you both enjoy and invite your teen to include their friends.  You can be your teen’s most important role model and […]


Unique After Prom Ideas

After Prom can be as important as the Prom!  When the Prom ends before you and your friends are ready to call it a night, you can continue the fun with some of these unique after prom ideas. Prom Movie Binge Watch Anyone with Netflix or a DVD player can easily comprise a list and […]


Getting Your Kids Active At Adrenaline Monkey

It is important to get your child away from the desk and train their body as well as their mind. Physical activity is one outlet that can help release the stress from their studies and can invigorate their mind. Joining a team sport or activities such as dance or gymnastics is also a way for […]

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