Month: February 2019

Teaching Your Kids Great Sportsmanship

WHAT IS GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP? Good sportsmanship is when coaches, officials, team players, opponents and parents treat each other with respect.  Children are watching and learning from the adults in their lives how to react appropriately in challenging situations. Coaches and parents should encourage perseverance and dignity and teach children to remain humble and kind whether […]


Fun Date Activities For Valentine’s Day

Get fit together. Stay active as a couple.  Enjoy sensual treats like good food, drinks and massages. Whatever you like to do for fun – mix it with a little heart and romance – and spice up your Valentine’s Day with some of these fun date night activities for you and your sweetheart. Host or […]


Six Reasons Your Kids will love Summer Camp

Now is the time of year you may start reading or hearing about summer camp for your children. Maybe you are receiving mail from your school or church about Girl Scout camp or Bible Studies camp. Possibly, there is an out of town ballet scholarship your child won at a dance convention, and you’re wondering […]

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