Month: January 2019

Tips For Hosting A Super Bowl Party!

Superbowl LIII is approaching, and your spouse spontaneously invited all the family and friends to a party at your house.  You work all week, run the kids to their activities, and you barely have time to shop for groceries let alone a party.  Here are some tips to make this event as stress-free as possible. […]


The Importance Of Social Interaction For Homeschoolers

There are plenty of opportunities for social interaction that do not include attending classes at a brick and mortar school building. If you are considering whether to homeschool your child, socializing may be a cause for concern.  When you decide to homeschool your child, almost everyone asks how you will handle social interaction. Here is […]


Keeping Teens Active And Off Their Phones

If you want to limit your teen’s screen time, pay attention to your own TV and cell phone habits.  Spend time listening to your teen about their day at school or practice.  Plan activities you both enjoy and invite your teen to include their friends.  You are your teen’s most important role model and what […]

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