Month: March 2018

Planning the Perfect Party

Have you ever been invited to an amazing party that inspired you to plan a party of your own? Admittedly, there is a lot of prep work that goes into planning the perfect party. What happened during the planning stage to make this the perfect party? INVITES Make an invitation list.  Invite 20% more than […]


How to Choose the Best Summer Camp for your Child

If you have already overcome the hurdle of the safety and security worries over sending your child to Summer camp, it is now time to consider the best Summer camp for your child. First, you need to consider your schedule and your child’s interests. Here are seven steps to take when choosing the best Summer […]


How to Choose the Perfect Summer Camp for your Child

Summer Camps are a healthy way for children to learn how to separate from their family and explore beyond their home and neighborhood. With the variety of Summer Camps available including day camps and overnight camps, it is possible to choose the perfect Summer Camp for your child. Day Camps are excellent starting points if […]

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