Month: February 2018

Benefits of Corporate Team Building

What is the point of corporate team building?  A break from the routine of the office. Maybe a chance to get to know someone from a different department. Learning to work together as a team despite our differences. There is a large amount of research proving that corporate team building is valuable, so whether you […]


Unique Summer Day Camp Ideas

School will be out before we know it, and now is the time to consider what our kids will do this Summer.  Will they make new friends? Learn a new skill? Perfect their athletic skills? Learn new dance moves? Perform in a show? Here are some Summer Day Camp Ideas that don’t involve overnight stays […]


What is Parkour?

Athletes inspired by the American Ninja Warrior television show created their own community and training facilities. These ninja gyms are scattered throughout the United States and often run by competitors of the show. Typically, you will find parkour and rock climbing in a ninja gym.  These gyms allow you to train with challenging obstacles. Dedicated […]


Gym Membership Benefits

February has arrived.  Are you still adhering to your New Year’s resolution to work out, join a gym, and lead a healthier life? Before you say, “Who has time for that?,” I have some stats for you. Hopefully, you are still going strong and growing strong, and getting your money’s worth out of your gym […]

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