Month: January 2018

What is the Best Shoe for Ninja Warrior Training?

Are you looking to take on the Ninja Warrior Training adventure, but you need to find the perfect shoe, so you don’t slip, trip, or fall? You will need to pay attention to the fit, friction, and flexibility of the shoe. Parkour courses require a lightweight shoe that has more surface area, friction, and flexibility. […]


5 Confidence Boosting Strategies for Young Athletes

We watch our children excel day after day as they learn and master each new skill. Proud and excited they rush out to tell us about their new accomplishment. After months of practice, it is now time for the big game, the dance competition, the gymnastics competition, or just showing their new friend their aerial […]


Why You Should Choose Adrenaline Monkey for Your Next Unique Birthday Party

Have your next birthday party at Adrenaline Monkey! Adrenaline Monkey’s ninja-style obstacle courses, parkour, aerial adventure park, and performance training offer not only an unparalleled opportunity for players of all ages, sizes, and abilities to test, challenge, inspire, or compete, but also to have an awe-inspiring, action-packed birthday party for both kids and adults. A thrilling […]

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